Video Gallery

High school students throughout northeast Indiana are developing new hands-on career skills. Training happens in workshops, labs, special classrooms and on job sites arranged by our training partners.

What's that training like? What will you learn? What can you expect? Check out what these students have to say.

Precision Machining

Students learn to operate computer-controlled milling machines, precision lathes and other modern equipment on their way to great-paying jobs.  Listen to Trevor and Jacob explain why this learning is their favorite part of the school day.


Health Care

Certified Nurse Assistants are in high demand.  You can graduate high school with a CNA certificate and land your first job in health care.  Stephanie says a family illness sparked her interest and now she's determined to start a career caring for others.


High schools throughout northeast Indiana offer several automotive tech classes for a good reason - high demand for skilled technicians.  Learn the basics before graduation and you can put your skills to work in your own garage, plus be prepared for a good-paying job.

Construction Trades

Carpenters, plumbers, electricians and other construction trade specialists earn a good living using both their hands and their brains. Some students use the skills they learn on the job site in summer to pay their way through college. Jobs are waiting for men and women who will literally be building our future.


The demand for skilled welders can't be filled. Earn a basic skills certificate in high school and employers might come looking for you! Listen to why these two students are confident they're well on their way to great careers.

HVAC / Plumbing

Heating, cooling and commercial refrigeration requires specialized training.  Jobs are waiting for people willing to learn, and you'd be surprised at the pay and benefits offered and how soon your take-home pay will grow with experience.