Talk to your counselor today about skilled, hands-on careers.


Earn a living working with your hands and your brain

Many of Allen County's best careers involve learning hands-on skills in manufacturing and the construction trades. Employers in these industries are hungry for your skills and certifications, and offer good-paying opportunities to work here at home.

Get Ready Now! 
A college degree is a great goal, but it is not necessary for many manufacturing and skilled trades careers. You may even be able to earn an industry-recognized certificate in these highly-regarded skills in a year or less - even before you finish high school. More training leads to more certificates, and even bigger paychecks. And, you will have the opportunity to minimize college debt or avoid it altogether.

Northeast Indiana has several places where you can learn manufacturing and skills needed in the construction trades. Check out the MADEBYME training partner closest to you - or the one that best suits your needs - and talk with your school counselor about how to access those training programs.

The Quick Facts

Did You Know...Manufacturing is the second-largest-employing industry in Allen County with nearly 29,000 workers.
Did You Know...Average annual earnings (wages plus benefits) for manufacturing workers in Allen County is $76,226.
Did You Know...One in five jobs in Allen County is in either the manufacturing or construction industries.
Did You Know...In the next decade, it is estimated there will be 23,826 production job openings in Allen County and 10,068 job openings in construction.
Did You Know...Including benefits, the average annual earnings for construction workers in Allen County is $62,369.
Did You Know...In the skilled trades, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and sheet metal workers are among the top-employing occupations.