Prove you’re prepared for the job.

Manufacturing and the skilled trades employ thousands of workers in Allen County--and on average, the jobs pay a lot more than most other places you might work.

That means a great future for you–if you’re trained, skilled, and prepared.

Earning industry certification gives you a stamp of approval. It shows employers you have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a career. It also tells employers you take your future seriously.

Although there will likely be many job opportunities for general manufacturing and construction trades workers in the foreseeable future, you qualify for the best jobs by earning a certificate. And you can often accomplish that while still in high school.

Some certifications can be earned in a year or less, and you can be sure they will be highly valued by employers. Many certification programs have different levels of achievement. The more you learn, the higher you climb on the certification ladder–and the more valuable you become to employers. That means more responsibility, more respect, and more pay.

Certifications awarded by national trade organizations are recognized everywhere. That means the training and education you receive can help you qualify for jobs wherever you choose to work.

Some students at the FWCS Career Academy graduate with an American Welding Society (AWS) certification. Many step directly into good-paying jobs with local employers.


The Quick Facts

Did You Know...Manufacturing is the second-largest-employing industry in Allen County with nearly 29,000 workers.
Did You Know...Average annual earnings (wages plus benefits) for manufacturing workers in Allen County is $76,226.
Did You Know...One in five jobs in Allen County is in either the manufacturing or construction industries.
Did You Know...In the next decade, it is estimated there will be 23,826 production job openings in Allen County and 10,068 job openings in construction.
Did You Know...Including benefits, the average annual earnings for construction workers in Allen County is $62,369.
Did You Know...In the skilled trades, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and sheet metal workers are among the top-employing occupations.