Gov. Pence introduces MADEBYME campaign

Gov. Mike Pence joined students and community members Nov. 12 at Anthis Career Center in Fort Wayne to recognize student successes and launch the Region 3 Work Council’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) awareness campaign.

The awareness campaign, led by both the works council and Northeast Indiana Works, will focus on outreach to students and parents in northeast Indiana and encourage exploration of career options and educational opportunities available through local schools, the region’s five CTE centers, and other postsecondary institutions.

The MADEBYME campaign will focus on advanced manufacturing.

“Indiana is a national leader when it comes to manufacturing, and the industry in northeast Indiana in particular is expected to grow by thousands of jobs in the next decade,” said Pence. “The time is now to ensure our students have the information they need to make informed decisions about their careers and their futures, and I believe the MADEBYME campaign will do just that. I commend the work of our Region 3 Works Council and its partners for bringing this idea to fruition as our administration continues to work to make sure our young people graduate high school fully prepared for either a successful career path or further learning through higher education.”

As he has traveled the state meeting with businesses and employees, the governor has consistently heard that more people need to be aware of the opportunities that exist for CTE graduates. Regional evaluations provided by the 11 Indiana Works Councils each listed local awareness of CTE benefits and opportunities as one of their area’s greatest challenges. In response to the evaluations, the state provided grant money to encourage regions to develop local campaigns to further awareness efforts for CTE classes, careers and training options.

Among the key elements of the northeast Indiana campaign:

• Posters displayed in middle schools and high schools throughout northeast Indiana, featuring a variety of messages encouraging students to consider a career in manufacturing.
• Window clings visible in schools throughout the region.
• Fifteen-second motion graphic videos touting manufacturing running in advance of online content frequented by young people in northeast Indiana.
• An online microsite offering more depth about manufacturing careers, CTE providers, testimonials from students, and information about the genesis and purpose of the campaign. Businesses, schools, economic development organizations and other partners will offer links to the microsite from their sites.
• A handout for school counselors to give to students and parents, which includes information about manufacturing and local industry-recognized certifications available through local learning institutions.
• Audio files and scripts for use during in-school announcements.
• Meetings throughout the region with school counselors that provide focused guidance on how they can effectively impart the information to students.

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